I'm irritated by the weighting in Smith's slap. Now I am trying to weigh in.

Will Smith is mega-famous and rich because we paid him to be a part of action films with a big budget.

"The story of violence that is redemptive" could be the most authentic American mythological tale/religion.

It was a bit shocking to see him use similar logic in real life.

Smith gave us a glimpse of something we should be able to observe.

He held an open mirror to reflect our collective insanity regarding violence.

Perhaps we shouldn't be rewarding Hollywood for perpetuating the myth of redemptive violence.

There's a difference between an actor playing violence in a role, and actually acting violently in real life.

Let us examine Smith's confusion and insanity regarding the reasons for violence.

Sometimes, violence is a last resort needed in the social system after that the seed of violence has sprung up.

This begins with the myths and stories we make up for ourselves.

Will Smith held up a mirror. We should take the courage to gaze at it.

It's a shame that the Chris Rock comment about Jada Pinkett Smith's hair is not to be dismissed as it was an innocent "joke."

Anything more than jokes about disabilities is acceptable since it's a satire.