The time came when Will Smith and Martin Lawrence signed as Bad Boys for Life.

Despite Smith's current status as a movie star non-grata.

Lawrence states the detectives Marcus Burnett.

Lawrence shrugged off the notion that their action-packed buddy-cop series may be coming to an end following the time that Smith famously hit Chris Rock.

"We got one more at least," Lawrence declared.

The first Bad Boys, produced by Michael Bay, was released in 1995.

Smith and Lawrence were both Smith as well as Lawrence were more popular as sitcom starlets.

Smith for The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Lawrence for Martin Lawrence for Martin, which recently had its 30th-anniversary reunion special.

The film earned $141 million globally and helped to make Smith an authentic action hero.

The first film in the HTML0 series, beginning in 2003's Bad Boys I.

2020's Bad Boys for Life bringing the franchise to an overall sum of 840 millions dollars at worldwide box office.

Lawrence has told Ebony about the very first Bad Boys.

Smith's much-ballyhooed slap that was in the wake of the humorous joke Rock performed in the stage regarding his wife.

EW has been in contact with Sony Pictures for comment on Lawrence's remarks as well as the situation of the fourth Bad Boys film.