Johnny Depp has reached an agreement to settle a lawsuit

In a notice of settlement that was filed in the court on Monday

Depp has a deal with his manager of the location, Gregory "Rocky" Brooks

A contract that demands Depp to adhere to no specific conditions of the settlement

Brooks filed a lawsuit against Depp in 2018, claiming that Depp punched him twice

He claimed that Depp was screaming at him and slapped him twice

He also claimed Depp of having a drink on set and exhaling alcohol throughout the scene

A script supervisor was hired for the film Emma Danoff appeared in Depp's defense

Depp did not confront Brooks when the location manager was scolding the Black homeless woman for racist slurs

Depp stated to Mr. Brooks, 'You can't be talking to her in that manner

Danoff was adamant about Brooks's claim that Depp beat him up

Depp is represented by Camille Vasquez, who was a component of Depp's legal team

She has not responded to a request to comment

Arbella Azizian, who is representing Brooks was also unable to immediately respond to a request for information