The continuous common reverence society between financial specialist Elon Musk and Gov. Ron DeSantis proceeded.

DeSantis was gotten some information about seemingly a Musk underwriting Tuesday at a public interview.

This storyline warmed up before first light Wednesday when Elon Musk.

DeSantis yelled out Musk's remarks about President Joe Biden being dependent on a monitor.

DeSantis referred to "what Elon Musk said recently" prior to joking.

Musk considering Biden had been broadly written about the right.

The way to drive is the way to the elevated screen, Musk, the CEO of Tesla, said.

"I really do feel like assuming that someone were to coincidentally rest on the elevated monitor," Musk said.

"I'm exceptionally steady of what Elon Musk is doing," DeSantis said.