Will Smith keeps on confronting reactions to his activities at the Oscars.

Will Smith was prohibited from going to future functions for the following 10 years.

DJ Jazzy Jeff says that Will Smith committed an error when he slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars.

DJ Jazzy Jeff, notwithstanding, doesn't imagine that is fundamentally obvious. In a new meeting with the Faq Podcast.

Fun Jeff demanded that Will Smith could not have possibly withdrawn to anybody.

"I've had individuals say, 'Goodness he could never have done that to no gangsta,' Jeff said."

Will Smith is someone who precipice dove in Jamaica and couldn't swim.

Will was the individual that anything he feared, he rushes to.

Jeff said that Will would've hit Mike Tyson in the event that the fighter had gone after his significant other.

Will would have his butt beat, however, he planned to do what he planned to do paying little mind to what its identity was

I think a great deal of the analysis comes from individuals who don't think individuals like that are human.