"Better Call Saul" often isn't the fastest of shows however the first of the finale's six episodes ended with a blast.

Invoking perhaps a higher sense of urgency in "Breaking Bad," the "Breaking Bad" prequel gets closer to its final.

The eighth episode of the season, called "Point and Shoot," was the final episode to see the brutal end of the threat.

The resourceful Lalo is rival of Gus Fring had to be eliminated from the scene at one time.

Despite appearing to outwit Gus as well as his security staff.

Lalo did the typical supervillain blunder of monologuing to the point of death.

Gus also informed him, as he slowed for time, of his plans to kill people close to the family of Lalo's Uncle Hector Salamanca.

With the benefit of the hindsight, they were actually part of a sophisticated trick to deceive the public.

The reality was that Jimmy and Kim's plan to humiliate Howard could be utilized as a background story to explain Howard's disappearance.

This only underscored the depths of the lengths these writers went about creating "Saul" into every part of "Breaking Bad's" DNA.

There are a lot of questions that remain unanswered and are posed, starting with the obvious one.

The most recent episode is noteworthy solely because the near-death incident seemed to draw her.

The idea of the things that separated them was more exciting.

As with "Star Wars," we're in the process of awaiting the final details of how Jimmy finished his journey to the dark side.

"Point and Shoot" was an important step in laying the groundwork, and also what's under the earth.