Bel-Air Jabari Banks, the star of Bel-Air disclosed his reaction to "mentor" Will Smith slapping Chris Rock

The 23-year-old actress, who plays on the screenplay of William's The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Will has also been a wonderful guy, and I'm awestruck by his values and the contributions he's made to our community.

Susanna then recalled her words from Hollywood iconic Denzel Washington

Will, following the slap "At the peak of your power, be aware, because this is when the devil will appear to take you"

Jabari said: "Yeah, staying grounded and having people around you who can assure you and make you feel secure"

Will hit Chris on the cheek after he had made an amusing reference to his wife

Jada Smith's hair is falling out. The actress, 50, suffers from Alopecia

The award was presented to Will's Best Actor for his performance in the film King Richard

The Academy released an apology for the incident

Many of the 53-year-old's projects have been stopped following the shocking incident.

Sony has put off the development of Bad Boys 4

Netflix has stopped production on the thriller film Fast and Loose

Apple TV+ has reportedly delayed the release date for their film