DJ Jazzy Jeff Says “Will Smith Would’ve Slapped Mike Tyson” At Oscars

DJ Jazzy Jeff Says “Will Smith Would’ve Slapped Mike Tyson” At Oscars: Will Smith keeps on confronting reaction for his activities at the Oscars. Subsequent to slapping Chris Rock, creations were required to be postponed and Will Smith was restricted from going to future functions for the following ten years.

Many individuals felt like Will Smith could not have possibly run up in front of an audience assuming it was somebody other than Chris Rock that made the joke. Notwithstanding, DJ Jazzy Jeff doesn’t feel that is fundamentally obvious. During a new meeting with the Faq Podcast, Jazzy Jeff demanded that Will Smith could not have possibly withdrawn to anybody.

DJ Jazzy Jeff Says “Will Smith Would’ve Slapped Mike Tyson” At Oscars

“I’ve had individuals say, ‘Goodness he could never have done that to no gangsta,’ Jeff said. “Allow me to educate you on something concerning Will. Will is someone who precipice dove in Jamaica and couldn’t swim. Will was the individual that whatever he’s anxious about, he races to. I ain’t got that in me. I don’t have that in me by any means. I’ve watched Will nearly kick the bucket various times running straight.”

So, Jeff said that Will would’ve slapped Mike Tyson assuming that the fighter had torn into his better half, even with the information that it could never have finished well for him.

“Will would’ve slapped Mike Tyson. It didn’t make any difference who was there. Will would have his butt beat, however, he planned to do what he planned to do paying little mind to what its identity was. It wasn’t so much for counterfeit. It wasn’t to look good. I need to secure. Assuming that that was a wild bear, he would have got it done. I know him,” he kept, adding that he wasn’t pleased with his companion and associate at that point.

“I can name multiple times that [Smith] ought to have been smacked the poop out of someone and he didn’t. So for him to have a failure to understand the situation, he’s human. Furthermore, I think a great deal of the analysis comes from individuals who don’t think individuals like that are human.”

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    • What Jazzy Jeff was talking about is that he knew Will would have went up to do what he started out to do no matter who it was on the stage at that time.


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