China Air Crash that Killed 132 May Have Been Deliberate

China Air Crash that Killed 132 May Have Been Deliberate: Last March, a Boeing 737-800 of China Eastern Airlines was flying from Kunming to Guangzhou. There were 132 passengers in the plane. Dive from an altitude of 29,000 feet and crash into the mountains of Guangxi. According to FlightRadar24, the speed of the plane at the time of the crash was 1100 km per hour. All passengers on the plane died in the crash.

China Air Crash that Killed 132 May Have Been Deliberate

U.S. officials’ analysis of the black box flight recorders found in the wreckage suggests that the intentional input from the cockpit forced the Boeing 737-800 to sink in its catastrophic sinking.

It was initially thought that the accident was due to a mechanical fault. But investigators, after examining the black box, claimed that someone had deliberately caused the accident. Air traffic control tried to communicate with the pilots on the day of the accident. But there was no response. No alarm was sent from the plane. Investigators believe the cockpit was occupied by someone.

According to China Eastern, the pilot and co-pilot were both healthy and had no family or financial problems. If so, the mystery of who crashed the plane is deepening. Chinese investigators have led an investigation into the crash, but U.S. officials have been implicated as the plane was built in the United States.

Although design flaws in Boeing’s next 737-Max model led to two catastrophic crashes in 2018 and 2019, resulting in global grounding of the model, the 737-800 has long been in daily service around the world.

Aviation experts have noted that the flight pattern shown on the tracking site and the lack of reported mede calls or lack of data signals are similar to the Germanwings crash in 2015. On that occasion, the Airbus A320 passenger plane was deliberately shot down by the pilot. Crossing the French Alps, killing 150 people. China Air Crash that Killed 132.

The WSJ said Chinese authorities had not indicated to their U.S. counterpart that the plane that crashed on March 21 had any mechanical or flight-control problems. China Eastern said the pilot and co-pilot were both healthy, with no financial or family problems. Chinese authorities said shortly after the crash that no emergency code had been sent from the plane, and that no intruder could reach the cockpit.

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